Who Am I!?

I am mature, long-term cross-dresser from India. I want to share my journey on how I transformed from a closet pre-teen dresser (in naughty clothing and lipstick lying at home – with feelings of guilt and pleasure in equal albeit enormous measure!) to a daring, classy public cross-dresser. Still evolving, of course …..! On here I will share useful tips on shopping, appearance and real-life experiences from places I have visited to eat/drink/dance/shop/get a makeover. This will be an engaging, practical guide to cross-dressers in India, but also a titillating resource for any other reader! Welcome!

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/161790004@N05/with/48101952092/

Instagram: cdraveena41

Impending Book Launch…..

Watch this space for a link to the “Adventures of an Indian Transvestite”, a biographical work on my journey from an effeminate, sexually active, young boy to a confident, mature public transvestite. Includes explicit narratives on my sexual escapades, cuckoldery and feminisation post marriage and practical tips for ‘girls like us’ on the cusp of this wonderful journey!

Learn more about what I did that night in the book!

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